Hosted by DJ Giant Gonzales

Original Air Date: December 16, 2014
Tuesdays – 11am e/8am p

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Nonline – International Music System
Influence – D.Lewis, Emix Remix – Charlie
Oh What A Night – Giorgio Moroder
Don’t Lose Control – Dance – Material
Dive – Caribou
Ghost – Mala
Down the Line (It Takes a Number) – Romare
Wen Uuu (Evenings Remix) – Shlohmo
Irukandji – Flako
Cos-Ber-Zam Ne Noya – Daphni Mix – Daphni
Dogod – Principles Of Geometry
Cleavage vs Cleaver – Cluster Buster
Cash and Carry Me Home – Original – Ghostpoet
Ebony Sky – Young Fathers
Your Sex – Cooly G
Show Me – Touch Sensitive
Lo Mor – Triad God
Summer Echoes – Sand Circles
Co-Lateral – Bernard Fevre
Eye On Everybody – Bruxa
Quentin (Permanent Sleep) – Micro Naps
This Is a War Universe – Espectrostatic
Lead Head – //Tense//
Bodie – Ritualz
Blood Blood Blood !! – Unison
Impurities (Tannhauser Gate Remix) – Kontravoid
There Is No Future Ft. Necro – Non Phixion
Ghosts Of Detroit – Slam

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