Rhombus.48 Playlist


Hosted by DJ Bill S. Preston, Esquire

Original Air Date: September 23, 2014
Tuesdays – 11am e/8am p

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Fostercare – Cold Light
Party Trash – Kiss U
Ritualz – Ghetto Ass Witch
Unison – Blood Blood Blood !!
Aaimon – Holy Love
S U R V I V E – Black Mollies
Mushy – Child of Light Will Burn
Automelodi – Airline
The Present Moment – Cheap Thrills
Sixth Hune – Never Leave Me
Clan ox Xymox – Innocent
Linea Aspera – Fer-De-Lance
Velvet Condom – Collapse in Slow Motion
Doc Daneeka – Battleship
Martial Canterel – For Us
Kontravoid – Impurities (Tarantula X Remix)
Waveshaper – Radio Signal
CN – Past the Milky Way
DJ Ten – Midnight Drive
Arcade High – Outrun This!
Robots with Rayguns – Electric Love
Betamaxx – Phoebe Cates
Salon Boris – White Paths
Regis – Death Head Said
Ancient Methods – Kings & Pawns
Death Grips – Stockton
Rrose – Pentagons

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