Hosted by DJ Giant Gonzales

Original Air Date: December 16, 2014
Tuesdays – 11am e/8am p

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Nonline – International Music System
Influence – D.Lewis, Emix Remix – Charlie
Oh What A Night – Giorgio Moroder
Don’t Lose Control – Dance – Material
Dive – Caribou
Ghost – Mala
Down the Line (It Takes a Number) – Romare
Wen Uuu (Evenings Remix) – Shlohmo
Irukandji – Flako
Cos-Ber-Zam Ne Noya – Daphni Mix – Daphni
Dogod – Principles Of Geometry
Cleavage vs Cleaver – Cluster Buster
Cash and Carry Me Home – Original – Ghostpoet
Ebony Sky – Young Fathers
Your Sex – Cooly G
Show Me – Touch Sensitive
Lo Mor – Triad God
Summer Echoes – Sand Circles
Co-Lateral – Bernard Fevre
Eye On Everybody – Bruxa
Quentin (Permanent Sleep) – Micro Naps
This Is a War Universe – Espectrostatic
Lead Head – //Tense//
Bodie – Ritualz
Blood Blood Blood !! – Unison
Impurities (Tannhauser Gate Remix) – Kontravoid
There Is No Future Ft. Necro – Non Phixion
Ghosts Of Detroit – Slam

Rhombus.54 Playlist


Hosted by DJ Esteban, Child of the Sun

Original Air Date: December 9, 2014
Tuesdays – 11am e/8am p

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I’ve Been Gone – LAKE R▲DIO
Strangling Me (With Your Love) – Casino Shanghai
Hunger – Zola Jesus
Wait ’til Night – Cooly G
Pizza Guy – Touch Sensitive
High School – Palm / | \ Highway Chase
Ambush (produced by Footsie) – Flowdan
Like Fireflies – Polinski
Die At Your Door – Bruxa
Blood Lab – Discoverer
Pictures On The Wall – Kode9, The Spaceape
Wake Up And Smell The Ashes – Vortex Rikers
Cosmic Rays – Bernard Fevre
Bumps – Fortune Cookie Remix – Fortune Cookie;Jumpshot
Roots – Romare
Ye Ye – Daphni
Wings – The Invisible
YeahYeahYeah – Flako
Just Another Bullet – Young Fathers
If These Are The Last Days – Electric Wire Hustle
Send the Pain On – Chrome Sparks
Lock in the Lion – James Blake;Airhead
Krill – Hail Mary Mallon
Casus Belli – Brontosaurus Saga Mix – Plein Soleil
Wen Uuu (Salva Remix) – Shlohmo


Rhombus.53 Playlist


Hosted by DJ Reverend Jim

Original Air Date: November 25, 2014
Tuesdays – 11am e/8am p

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Git Wit Dis – original mix – Manics
Survive – Kidnap Kid
Girl – Yeo
1985-Quest – Polinski
ARPNET – Palm / | \ Highway Chase
Riverrun Humbling Allegory – Lauren Bousfield
Witchstep (Black Ceiling Remix) – Bruxa
Lesbian Software – Discoverer
Raining Meth – MELLOW GRAVE
Crystals – Vortex Rikers
Ghost Translator – LAKE R▲DIO
Innercity Haze – Sand Circles
The Black Mill Video Tape – Pye Corner Audio
Here always – patten
Press On (Ruff Rub) – Huerco S.
Sand In Lungs – Heroin And Your Veins
Stasis Jam – Logos
Brainfreeze – Fuck Buttons
Real Talk – Anna Lunoe;Touch Sensitive
Holding Back (My Love) – Tensnake
Launderette – Vivien Goldman
11 – Dean Blunt & Inga Copeland
Sun vs Moon – Sage Francis
1982 – A Dawn To Remember – RQTN

Rhombus.52 Playlist


Hosted by DJ Do the Urkel

Original Air Date: November 11, 2014
Tuesdays – 11am e/8am p

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Beatific – Glass Candy
The Mirror Has 2 Faces – Peter’s House Music
Loose Tights – Com Truise Remix – Hussle Club;Com Truise
Palais d’Amour – Bal Paré
Anyway – Oto
Le Tombeau D’Edgar Poe – Casino Shanghai
The Box – Fad Gadget
My Spine Is The Bassline – Shriekback
Avant-Après Mars – Liaisons Dangereuses
Overspreading Art Genius – Blancmange
Lions – Tones On Tail
K4rma 4 U – powwowW
Watched – Micro Naps
Raining Meth – MELLOW GRAVE
Hot Shit – Creep Remix – Baghdaddy
Kartwheels – Truman Peyote
Hold on Hold Still for a Second – Sons Of Magdalene
Smokeface Appears – Espectrostatic
Paradise – White Hex
Personal – Opal Onyx
Top Level Club Prostitute – Triad God
Light On Edge – Fhloston Paradigm
Signal 2012 – Dean Blunt & Inga Copeland
Over U (Featuring Nudity) – Party Trash
No! No! No! No! – Axel Boman
I Want You – Dookoom
Der fall von leviathan – The Church of Synth

Rhombus.51 Playlist


Hosted by DJ Zeebo the Clown

Original Air Date: October 28, 2014
Tuesdays – 11am e/8am p

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This Is Not a Dream – John Carpenter
Your Life a Movie – Modern Witch
Seduction of the Armageddon Witches – Mater Suspiria Vision
Serpent – Gatekeeper
TV Broadcast – John Carpenter
Suspiria – Originale – Goblin
Satan’s Ghost – King Dude
Kings – Chelsea Wolfe
Poison – HTRK
Heavy Eyes – The KVB
Halloween TV Commercial – Tommy Lee Wallace;Alan Howarth
Someone Chasing Someone Through A House – Umberto
Sexy Bodies – Casino Shanghai
The End – John Carpenter
King Night – Salem
Ghetto Ass Witch [Glass Popcorn Remix] – Ritualz
Exhume – Sidewalks and Skeletons
Springs (feat. Butterclock) – oOoOO
Bling a Bitch – Fostercare
Suffocation (Mater Suspiria Vision Remix) – White Ring
Don’T Go Away – Jogging House
Zombi – Goblin
This Is Not a Dream – John Carpenter
Bloodasaurus – Original Mix – Midnight Tyrannosaurus;BloodThinnerz
Bulbform – Trust
Boston – Umberto
I Have a Message for You – John Carpenter;Alan Howarth
Wampir – Theme from “Wampyr” – Goblin
1-800 Suicide – Gravediggaz
Dark Allies – Light Asylum

Rhombus.50 Playlist


Hosted by DJ Bobby the Brain

Original Air Date: October 21, 2014
Tuesdays – 11am e/8am p

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Kontravoid – Darkest Hours
Deemed, Akira – Destroy All Humans 2014
Dookoom – I Want You
Flying Lotus – Dead Man’s Tetris (featuring Captain Murphy and Snoop)
Keys N Krates – Understand Why
Joell Ortiz – House Slippers
Ruth – Polaroid/Roman/Photo
The Fall – White Lines
//Tense// – Lost Race
Maze, Dubloadz – Swamp City
Ancient Methods – Castling Becomes Inevitable
SBTRKT – Voices in My Head
Land of Giants – Cannibal Dolls
Betamaxx – Steel City Hustle
Sixth June – Afraid of Lies
Ritualz – Baba Vanga
Crim3s – Pansy
///’Horse MacGyver\ – Nod
Soft Metals – Tell Me (Sumergido Remix)
Telepathe – Chrome’s On It (Mad Decent Remix)
Trevor Something – Infatuation
Lazerhawk – Massacre
Dominik Eulberg – Das Neunauge
Party Supplies – Touching Your Face
The Crystal Ark – Rain – XXXTended Mix
Diplo – 6th Gear (Featuring Kstylis)
Dilated Peoples – The Reversal
Myrkur – Skttrbrain



Rhombus.49 Playlist


Hosted by DJ Waldo Faldo

Original Air Date: October 7, 2014
Tuesdays – 11am e/8am p

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Starcadian – Ronnie
Grafton Primary – Records for the Righteous
Busy P – Still Busy
DJ Ten – Sector 18
Ritualz – Resurfacing
Kontravoid – Dead Eagles (Live 03/02/2012)
//Tense// – Sin Realite
Tesla Boy – Fantasy (Pioneerball remix)
Cosmic Hoffman – Space-Disco
Sidewalks and Skeletons – Forever
Segal – Sleep is Never
Alex Zelenka – Specials
Labyrinth Ear – Humble Bones
Star Slinger – Free
Brothertiger – I’ve Been Waiting
Lemonade – Neptune
Humans – The End
Du Tonc – I’m on Fire
Joywave – Facility
Black Light Dinner Party – Gold Chain
Moss of Aura – Neville
Millionyoung – Hammock
Mitzi – All I Heard – Cassian Remix
Thomas Barford – Till We Die
Vulfpeck – It Gets Funkier III
Action Bronson – Easy Ride
Body Language – You Can

Rhombus.48 Playlist


Hosted by DJ Bill S. Preston, Esquire

Original Air Date: September 23, 2014
Tuesdays – 11am e/8am p

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Fostercare – Cold Light
Party Trash – Kiss U
Ritualz – Ghetto Ass Witch
Unison – Blood Blood Blood !!
Aaimon – Holy Love
S U R V I V E – Black Mollies
Mushy – Child of Light Will Burn
Automelodi – Airline
The Present Moment – Cheap Thrills
Sixth Hune – Never Leave Me
Clan ox Xymox – Innocent
Linea Aspera – Fer-De-Lance
Velvet Condom – Collapse in Slow Motion
Doc Daneeka – Battleship
Martial Canterel – For Us
Kontravoid – Impurities (Tarantula X Remix)
Waveshaper – Radio Signal
CN – Past the Milky Way
DJ Ten – Midnight Drive
Arcade High – Outrun This!
Robots with Rayguns – Electric Love
Betamaxx – Phoebe Cates
Salon Boris – White Paths
Regis – Death Head Said
Ancient Methods – Kings & Pawns
Death Grips – Stockton
Rrose – Pentagons

Rhombus.47 Playlist


Hosted by DJ Coach Lubbock

Original Air Date: September 16, 2014
Tuesdays – 11am e/8am p

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Drvg Cvltvre – Shaped Like a Cross, Pt. 1
Iamamiwhoami – y
Darkside – Paper Trails
Nathan Fake – Charlie’s House – Apparat Mix
Connan Mockasin – Why Are You Crying?
Suuns – Up Past the Nursery
Soft Metals – When I Look Into Your Eyes
Alex Smoke – Platitudes
Isolee – Thirteen Times an hour
Motor City Drum Ensemble – Stripped Down to the Bone
Cosmetics – The Future is Old
Claps – Across the Floor
Telepathe – Drown Around Me
White Car – Not Right (Own Master)
Modern Witch – Desire
Mater Suspiria Vision – Ritualzz of the Crack Witches
Ritualz – Melancholia
Unison – Lost Generation
Crim3s – Still Goin
Kontavoid – Native State
Danny Brown, Purity Ring – 25 Bucks
Midnight Magic – Beam Me Up – Gavin Russom Remix

Rhombus.46 Playlist


Hosted by DJ Power Glove

Original Air Date: September 9, 2014
Tuesdays – 11am e/8am p

Mixcloud Stream



Dan Deacon – Of the Mountains
Lord RAJA – Darwin
Ascii.Disko – Moi, je veaux
Modus – Mmhm
The Horrorist – One Night in NYC
Click Click – Ducks in the Kiddie Pool
Fat White Family – Auto Neutron – The Oscillation Remix
T.Raumschmiere – Monstertruckdriver
Sirusmo – Girls Rock
Todd Terje – Lanzarote
Jupiter – Juicy Lucy (Needs a Boogieman)
Holy Ghost! – Wait & See (Flight Facilities Remix)
Beat Connection – Trap House
YACHT – Second Summer (Ben Aqua Remix)
Discovery – Osaka Loop Line
DJ Hell – Electronic Germany
Agoria – Singing – Dixon Dub
Dusty Kid – He Won’t Let You In
Pan-Pot – Bad Photocopy of a Big Saw
Gita – Let That
Marc Romboy – Reciprocity